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October 12th 2008
Sunday, Town of
Santa Maria Capua Vetere
Referred by Mac80Man

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September 08th 2008
Monday, Town of Giugliano (NA)
From Illimitarte

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August 13th 2008
Wednesday, Town of Afragola (NA)
Alle Porte di Napoli's Mall
Referred by Fabio

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August 12th 2008
Tuesday, Napoli
Fuochi nel triangolo della morte
Referred by Anonimo

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August 04th 2008
Monday, Town of Giugliano (NA)
Referred by Luigi

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July 29th 2008
Tuesday, Asse Mediano S.S.162
direzione Pomigliano-Melito
Referred by Mariano.

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July 29th 2008
Tuesday, Town of Grumo Nevano (NA)
Asse Mediano S.S. 167
Referred by Luigi

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July 20th 2008
Sunday, Town of Giugliano (NA)
Auchan's Mall
Referred by Anna

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... Useful Guide on how make a Video-Report ...


First of all, we thank you for the numerous reports and photographs sent to us from the very beginning. 


We need to specify that we can only publish related material that is reliable and of high quality. Unfortunately, not all material can be published.


Any video containing true facts will be accepted.  Understand that we do not doubt anyone.  However, we need to have maximum forethought before we commit to publishing anything.


In fact, to guarantee authenticity of the recordings to the public, we suggest you use a daily newspaper displaying the date of the recording, with no interruptions.  We also suggest that if a segment has been interrupted and you need to re-start taping, you always display the daily newspaper for consistency and accuracy.   Unfortunately, everything that is digitally recorded can be modified or tampered with, with the result being having unreliable evidence.


We also suggest that you include in your recordings, details of all telephone calls alerting Fire Departments or Police.


In addition, indicate the time of the event, and attempt to describe the exact location of the fires.  Try to estimate the direction you are facing, at the very least, even roughly.  When possible, try to film important neighbouring points of reference such as intersections, highways, overpasses, commercial centres, etc.   In the “video-denounce” recordings try to follow the guidelines and concentrate on the facts.  Never make accusations.  At most, just show the contradictions you see. It is not our duty to incriminate or determine guilt.  However, to demonstrate the degradation and denounce the criminal activities that go undisturbed, is everyone’s civil duty.


From now on, it is our objective to allow anyone in authority to use the information on our website.  The Map section displaying the Google satellite map is dedicated to collecting reports.


This is why we are working to improving this “rulebook”.


New ideas and suggestions are welcomed.


The Editor

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... Disclaimer ...


The Editor does not assume any personal responsibility for the material published on this website.


Each individual is personally responsible for all pertinent material relating to their video recordings, including all narration and images.


For protection purposes, and to guarantee the reliability and authenticity of our work, only material that has been proven original and authentic will be published.


At any time necessary, we reserve the right to publish evidence of any Photo-video provided, even from the Users who are not aware of this right.  Nevertheless, we repeat, we do not assume any personal responsibility.


Each individual is directly responsible for what they publish, either by way of personal forums or through the platform of this website.


The Editor




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