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Many ignore. Many say they are aware. It appears though, that no-one considers the crime of illegal disposal and recycling (laundering) of hazardous waste, a critical problem. The resignation and apathy of the population, perhaps because of the lack of accurate information, is disconcerting. When this occurs, undisturbed, it is bewildering.


For the health, image, economic development and progress of the entire Region, consider the consequences, the potential damage is incalculable.


Everything is incredibly true and proven. Personally, we are volunteers, independent and an amateur. To improve things, we require more volunteers and more efficient means. For example, we require new and proper equipment to capture night-time recordings (IP WebCam), walkie-talkie etc. At the moment, it is physically and humanly impossible to accomplish more than has already been done.


The internet has been the birthplace of this initiative. It has been the fruit grown out of “desperation”, born out of the inertia or inactivity of the institutions. This initiative arises from the strong will to contribute to real solutions to this disaster, and to inform and denounce the facts. It is being developed by means of the Internet Social Forum, and thanks to the interventions and collaboration of precious friends. Those whom understood the gravity of the situation have been united in these past months.


Our appeal to the internet community is to help us sustain our initiative. Whoever is interested in giving us a hand, in any possible way, would be welcome. Please participate to diffuse and denounce all that occurs, undisturbed, right under our own noses. Many thanks for your solidarity and support.  If, however, you have the desire, and it is within your means, to contribute by way of a donation, we would be greatly appreciate it. Under our current circumstances, it will be impossible to be able to continue “forever”.


Editorial Staff

This website of "La Terra dei Fuochi.it" has conducted its activities for the collective interests and always did it in a free, autonomous and independent way from political parties or institutions.

We welcome and appreciate your donations

Or in alternative you can submit a wire transfer to:
Banca Fineco

IBAN IT94Y0301503200000002500675



Angelo Ferrillo






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Stay tuned and support US. They will NEVER give up, NEITHER WILL WE!!

Supporters list of "La Terra dei Fuochi.it"   - Thanks a lot !

  • Roberta P. - Roma

  • Luigi Z. - Marcianis, Caserta

  • Marco A. - Pomezia, Roma

  • Alessandra Di C. - Torino

  • David G. - Torino

  • Salvatore M.  - Giugliano in Campania, Napoli

  • Antonio M. - Baronissi, Salerno

  • Stefano R. - Giugliano in Campania, Napoli

  • Stefania V. - Napoli

  • Giovanni S. - Afragola, Napoli

  • Sarah C. - London, United Kingdom

  • Nicola S. - Pavia

  • Stefano M. - Stagno, Livorno

  • Enrico R. - United Kingdom

  • Simone G. - Napoli

  • Salvatore F. - Acerra, Napoli

  • Massimo S. - Calendasco, Piacenza

  • Alessandro B. - Pietrasanta, Lucca

  • Marco P. - Varese

  • Andrea A. - Roma

  • Pasquale C. - Pietrasanta, Lucca

  • Giovanni D. M. - Roma

  • Sandra D. G. - Milano

  • Vera M. - Avola, Siracusa

  • Felice A. - Ispica, Ragusa

  • Graziano B. - Castel Maggiore, Bologna

  • Daniella A. - Roma

  • Giuseppe D. F. - Pozzuoli, Napoli

  • Riccardo - Marche

  • Giuseppe M. - Aversa, Caserta

  • Maria Rosaria M. - Aversa, Caserta

  • Marco A. - Pomezia, Roma

  • William C. - Cremona

  • Simone G. - Napoli

  • Vincenzo Di M. - London, United Kingdom

  • Luciano M. - Caposele, Avellino

  • Patrizia A. - Udine

  • Maria Rosaria M. - Parma

  • Ciro S. - Mariglianella, Napoli

  • Davide C. - San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia

  • Sebastiano M. - Brusciano, Napoli

  • William C. - Cremona

  • Carla R. - Napoli

  • Riccardo M. - Portici, Napoli

  • Agostino O. - Mugnano, Napoli

  • Anna V. - South Carolina, USA

  • Pietro P. - San Nicola la Strada, Caserta

  • Rossella C. - Giugliano in Campania, Napoli

  • Danilo D. M. - Ponticelli, Napoli









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